Beastmode (ESOX Edition) Custom Musky Fly Rod- 9.0FT 12WT 4PC

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A rod built with a singular purpose- domination of the meanest, toughest Musky on planet earth. This is a signature build out of the custom shop for the discerning "Musky on the fly enthusiast". Not another one like it anywhere, a true custom through and through. This is a custom Musky Fly Rod built for fly fishers intent on throwing the biggest flies, heaviest weight fly lines, for 50"+ fish as the target!! You will definitely not be outgunned when tangling with monster fish using this one of kind specialty fly rod. The rod is equipped with an extra long forward grip and a 3" fighting butt to facilitate figure 8's boat side with ease. The longer grip also makes 2 handed casting more easily achieved for the those employing specialty casts on rivers, which is something we have seen a lot more of lately with our River Musky guide buddies.

We have outfitted this rod with the finest components available on the market including: AMTAK Titanium Double Footed Stripping Guides, REC RECOIL Oversized running guides and tip, REC Heavy Duty Reel Seat with a Pewter finish, and a rubber forward winding check to take on additional abuse.

This rod is classified as a 12WT, but acts more like a 12/13WT in terms of the ultra fast action, and the ability to utilize the heaviest grain fly lines available. We actually loaded this rod on the water with the 700 Grain- Airflo Depthfinder Big Game Line, but found the 500 and 600 Grain Lines to be a good match for "real world scenarios" launching 12"+ bushy musky flies. We are also suggesting a good reel to match with this rod will NOT be a true 12WT capable reel. I have typically matched this blank with a 9WT capable reel and drawn the backing down to 100' feet of 50LB braid. A reel of 8/9WT size has proved to be more than enough for all of my encounters with musky regardless of how big a body of water I am fishing. 

This is a rod I spent a ton of time building, probably more than any other custom I have ever built. I worked extra hard on the details and I am really pleased with the results. This is the last of these special 12WT blanks available anywhere. The blank was rolled by a small blank shop in Oregon and and the shop has long since been gobbled up by a larger domestic rod company. This rod represents a lasting part of fly fishing industry history as the "boutique" rod blank builders disappear into the archives. I wanted to do something truly special with this build and I think I managed to achieve some pretty fantastic results with the finished product, I think the Musky fanatic who buys this rod will too. 


LISTED ROD WT- 12WT (actual is more like 12/13WT)
# PC- 4
This rod does not come with an aluminum tube.
Rod comes with a grey cotton rod sock.
Rod ships in a 4" PVC tube with end caps. 
Ships 5-7 business days after the order is placed.