Riverworks Rod Co. ZX3 360 Tactical Nymphing Rods

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Our ELITE Fixed Line Fly Rod engineered specifically for fishing with weighted nymphs. It took several years, and some serious fine tuning, but in the end the Riverworks ZX3 360 has become the sought after tool for folks really serious about fishing the Tactical Nymphing Method. Coming in at 360CM or 11 feet 10.5", this rod represents the perfect "all-around" length for most of our diehard nymphing fanatics. Some wanted (and will be getting) a longer version of this rod for fishing bigger water, and for some added reach, but for me, this rod delivers the goods a good percentage of the time. Below we will detail what makes this such a damn good nymphing rod, and why some of the top fixed line anglers on the planet are using it with predictable and highly successful results. 


The Riverworks ZX 360CM blank was developed and co-engineered by Jeff Lomino and Luong Tam of Tanuki Tenkara. The process began in 2015 with a conversation about taking our fixed line program to the next level in terms of quality and rod action. We wanted our new nymphing rod to simply be the best out there. Compromises were never an option during any part of the design process. The ZX3 360CM blank is rolled with genuine Japanese Toray 40 Carbon Fiber Cloth. The first and most notable characteristic most of our customers experience when they first pick up the rod is the phenomenal light in hand feel. This is a noticeable difference when compared to rods manufactured with cheaper materials in vast quantities. The ZX blank also has a very narrow profile when compared to other 12' rods on the market. Another quality we wanted was a superior strength to weight ratio. We wanted the blank to be capable of easily handling a 20"+ fish (and it has on many occasions, we've got the hero shots to prove it). We have never used the traditional Japanese rod flex rating system simply because all rods sport a unique flex profile, and the ZX is no exception. But if we had to use the traditional scale, the flex rating falls somewhere in the 7:3 area. After it is all said and done, our ZX 360 blank is the most ELITE blank ever devised for nymphing-specific tactics. 

-Manufactured in China using Japanese Carbon Fiber-


In our opinion, a rod package is only as good as the sum of its components. Most people take a rod's grip for granted, some chose to fish fixed line rods with no grip at all. The carbon fiber grip we use for the ZX3 is simply the most sensitive grip on the market for any application. But when used for its specialized purpose, which is tight line nymphing, sensitivity is a key factor in the equation. One of the key contributing factors to being successful using Tactical Nymphing  methods is the ability to detect a strike instantaneously. Cork and EVA grips tend to act as a "muffler" of sorts in critical strike detection. Our carbon fiber grip and our ultra-dense core act as a transmitter, delivering every sensation between the fly, the line, and the blank to the users hand at the grip. This equates to superior strike detection and ultimately more hooked fish. Euronymphing methods all depend on the ability to use your hand to "see" what is going on with your weighted nymph, which is doing its work out of sight, deeper in the water column (most of the time). Having the most sensitive grip on the market works in perfect harmony with the blank delivering instant transmission to what is going on at the end of your line. Riverworks has pioneered the application of carbon fiber grips in the industry, and the ZX3 is the result of a painstaking testing process. We have worked for 5 years to build a grip that brings near perfect balance to the rod while remaining extremely light and ultimately sensitive. We have worked tirelessly to perfect this design for this specific way of fishing, and the results have to be felt to be believed. We build each and every grip by hand right here in the Riverworks shop, and everything is absolutely perfect before we send anything into the field. 

-Handmade in the USA-


The anodized butt cap on our rods is unlike any other in the world. Our butt caps are machined and finished right here in the USA. This also makes them the world's most expensive butt cap on a Fixed Line rod, but we believe with a special rod, there should be some equally special components to round out the package. We didn't skimp on the matching ALPS winding check or nose cap either. Every piece of hardware on the rod is absolutely top notch and we think the extra cost is well worth it, and we think you will too.  

-Machined and Finished in the USA-


We believe if you are serious about Tactical Nymphing, or employing any Euro Nymphing philosophies or methods with a Fixed Line Fly Rod, you will not be disappointed in the advantages you get with a ZX3. This is not a "do-it-all" rod. And a great many beginners who pick it up won't notice anything at all special about the action, but for hardcore tight line nymphers who are searching for a truly specialized tool, we believe the ZX3 is the lightest and most sensitive rod on the market for fishing with weighted nymphs. Period. 


Length- 11FT 10.5" (360CM)

Weight- 2.75 OZ (78 Grams) without nose cap

Sections- 8


Matte Silver (black butt cap/insert, winding check and nose cap)

Satin Black BLACKOUT Version (black butt cap/insert, winding check, nose cap)

DUE TO THE COVID-19 Pandemic, we are currently having issues getting components in a timely fashion. Please know we are working as hard as possible to get our ZX3's out, but lead times can be up to 1 month due to the current circumstances. Thanks for your patience. 

Comes with a plastic square rod case and a neoprene rod bag.