Warranty Program for 2019



As a small company, we run our warranty program a little bit differently than most of the high volume rod makers of the world. We stand behind our products 100%. Our quality assurance standards are without question some of the most rigid in the industry. With that said, given that we operate at a very low volume, we MUST take steps to protect ourselves as well as making sure that warranty issues are taken care of promptly and efficiently for our valued customers.  We have created our warranty program with absolute full disclosure. We prefer 100% transparency, to avoid both misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the policies we have designed to service the rods we sell here. We also work really hard to maintain target timelines for repair and replacement claims within the warranty program. Given the extensive logistical challenges involved with the distances between our shop and some of our suppliers, we cannot absolutely guarantee that we will meet our deadlines 100% of the time. Things happen, but one thing we can guarantee, is that the doors of communication will always be open on our end. Everything is explained in detail in the sections below. 


We have done extensive studies to develop a warranty program that is competitive with the ELITE fly rod manufacturers of the fly fishing world. All the warranty work we do here is NON-PROFIT. The price you pay on any warranty or replacement section on any of our rods only covers our expenses. We don’t turn a dime on the work we do to service the gear we sell. 

2014-2018 Stealth Fly Rods (Generation 1 and 2) Discontinued

As of June 2018, the shop that has produced the FT Blanks that the GEN 1 and 2 rods were built on is no longer producing these blanks. As a small shop, we do not stock replacement sections. Up until June of 2018 each replacement section for our OEM rod blanks has been fabricated for individual rods at the Five Rivers production facility. Given that this shop is no longer in operation, we no longer have access to replacement sections for these rods. To solve the problem of repair given these circumstances, Riverworks is offering a NON-PROFIT section repair for customers who have purchased rods built on the Five Rivers FT Blank. The fee for repairing individual sections (tip, Section 2 and 3) for Stealth Fly Rods (GEN 1 and 2) is $49 and covers our materials and return shipping. Please see the note about repairing the butt section at the end of this section. 

Process for repairing individual rod sections—


  • Send an email to info@riverworksflyrods.com explaining your warranty issue to get the ball rolling on your claim. 


  • You will receive an invoice from us for $49 via PayPal to cover the cost of the repair.


  • Send the broken or damaged section to our shop with whichever mail carrier you chose insured for $100. Return broken section(s) to our physical address provided at the end of this page.   


  • We will fit the broken section with a carbon fiber sleeve and seal with premium epoxy. Please note: 9’ 4PC Fly Rods will lose 2-3” of their overall length in the fitting process. 
  • A Butt Section break within 3” of the rod grip CANNOT be repaired under the normal repair process. A repair in this region of the rod will require that all components be removed (winding check, grip, reel seat and fighting butt) in order to install a full length sleeve to attempt to regain some blank integrity. With that said, the rod will never perform at its original level after a repair of this magnitude. Cost for a butt section repair is $179 due to the pricey nature of carbon fiber grips and the premium components we used in the construction of these rods. This is a special circumstance that would be discussed during the initial email communication you have with us. 
  • Normal timeframe for repairs for the Stealth GEN 1 and 2 rods is 2-3 Weeks after we receive the damaged section from you. 


2019 Stealth Fly Rods (Generation 3)

Our new GEN 3 Stealth Fly Rod Blanks are sourced to us by CTS Fishing based in New Zealand. As with all ELITE fly rods, ferrules are custom fitted to individual rod sections. This is not just a plug and play process where a manufacturer can simply send out a replacement section based on the rod model. This is why you see many of the “low end” rod makers send out replacement sections based on your rod model until they get one that feels OK, or replace the entire rod altogether. The CTS fly rod blanks are some of the highest end blanks on the planet with the most incredible ferrule joints ever created. They don’t simply break out a new section from the warehouse that may or may not mate to your individual blank. Replacement sections are built from scratch to perfectly mate with the blank your G3 Stealth Fly Rod was built on. Given the blank shop is based in New Zealand, this process is not something that happens overnight. See the breakdown below to see where our warranty program stacks up to some of the other ELITE fly rod manufacturers of the world at the bottom of this section. 



  • You will be sent an invoice via PayPal for the total cost of your replacement section (Price stated below)


  • CTS requires the male and female section of the damaged rod be sent to them for repair. This goes back to the custom ferrule fitting aspect of the repair explained earlier. This means you will need to send 2 sections to the CTS shop for an individual section replacement. The section below the broken section (male) and the broken section (female). Butt Section breaks although very uncommon, are priced and handled a bit differently due to the fact that the grip, reel seat, graphics, and winding check must be reinstalled to get the rod back to 100% of its original factory condition.  Additional labor is also involved in the repair/replacement process for butt sections. This is something that we have heard horror stories about involving other rod manufacturers. We want you to be fully aware of how much money you are going to shell out up front. No surprises after the fact! You will receive shipping instructions from us on where and how to ship the rod directly to CTS during our initial email communication.  Average cost for shipping your broken sections to CTS is around $25 (payed by you) and generally arrives to them in 7-10 days.


  • Once CTS receives the broken sections (both the male and female ferrules), typical lead time is around 15 business days (3 Weeks) for them to fabricate the new section. After the section is built, CTS will ship the newly fabricated replacement section to us for refitting of the OEM components. Transit time is 7-10 days via DHL to our shop. Tracking number will be provided to you.  


  • Once we receive your custom fitted replacement section (and the original male section you originally sent to CTS), we hustle to get the section refitted with components. Our target is to get the section completely finished in less than 5 business days (1 Week). After everything is completed, we ship immediately. General transit using our standard shipping is 3-5 days. 


TOTAL LEAD TIME-  39-50 days (4.5-7.5 Weeks)

TOTAL COST- $125 (Section 1-3)  $175 (Butt Section)

Check out how our figures stack up with the big boys below.

The figures below are provided by the manufacturer websites, and obviously there are going to be some variance in the actual lead times. Biggest thing is, we want to be competitive with the other elite fly rod manufacturers warranty programs in terms of speed and pricing in spite of our fairly obvious logistical challenges. 

Price (Section Replacement)

1.  Sage $40  (For current OEM Models) 

2.  Orvis $75 (Shipping to Orvis included) 

3.  Hardy $90

4.  Riverworks $125/$175 (Butt Section Price Provided)

5.  Winston $165

6.  Scott $165

7.  Thomas and Thomas $165


Average Timeframe (Section Replacement)

Manufacturer Manufacturer Stated Timeframe

1.   Winston---   3-4 Weeks

2.   Scott---   4 Weeks

3.   Orvis---  4-6 Weeks (Tie)

4.   Sage---  4-6 Weeks (Tie)

5.   Riverworks---  4-8 Weeks

6.   Thomas and Thomas--- (No Information Provided)

7.   Hardy--- (No Information Provided)


Overall Score

Manufacturer Total Score (AVG)

1.  Sage 2.5

1.  Orvis 2.5

3.  Winston 3.0

4.  Scott 4.0

5.  Riverworks 4.5

6.  Hardy 5.0

7.  Thomas and Thomas 6.5


Again, we just wanted to be competitive as a small company. You may have to wait a bit longer to get a replacement section from us than with the big boys. But please keep in mind, we are a very small company, and we don’t turn a dime to get your rod back to you in it’s fully functional factory condition. And lastly, the doors of communication will always open. You will never have to badger us to give you an update on what is going on with your replacement/repair.. 


These are the Riverworks OEM Rods in the 360CM (11’10.5”) and the upcoming 395CM (13’), and 305CM (10’) Configurations. Replacement Sections are priced as NON-PROFIT and are priced to cover the cost of the item and standard shipping to you the customer. The replacement sections are, and will be, available for purchase in our store. As far as warranty issues go, a break in the ferrules, or the breakage of any section are the responsibility of the customer. Making these components available to the customer in a NON-PROFIT format constitutes the standard “warranty” for fixed line rods garnished with the Riverworks logo. 

Certain other circumstances, although undocumented to this point, may arise and are detailed below. Let’s say your grip comes loose, for no other reason than just faulty workmanship on our end, the butt section would be replaced at no cost to the customer. We have taken 4 years of continuous improvement to make sure this never happens, but in the event that something does happen, we will see that any butt section that fails due to a manufacturing error on our end on any of our fixed line rods is replaced to the customer free of charge. If we determine that any component, including any butt section failure, is not due to negligence in manufacturing on our part, but by deliberate misuse by the customer, the section will not be replaced. We know that the vast majority of our customer base would never deliberately misrepresent a failure for any reason, but as a small company we must ensure this is in writing to protect ourselves from any such circumstance. 


Customers who purchased a Riverworks Tenkara ZX Rod built on the original Tenkara Customs 12’ 6:4 blank (2014-2016), and Custom Tenkara Rods built on the Tenkara Customs blanks by Riverworks Customs can purchase replacement sections through the Tenkara Customs store (www.tenkaracustoms.com). Butt Section repairs or replacement will be dealt with on a case by case basis and the cost of the repair will be determined by email communication (jeff@riverworkscompany.com).  Custom Rods built on any of the Tanuki logo blanks are subject to the same consideration. Replacement pieces for any of the Tanuki custom rods can be purchased on the Tanuki website (tenkaratanuki.com). Again, Butt Section breaks will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Some butt section breaks on one of a kind Tanuki custom rods will not be covered by warranty, but we will determine a way to work with individual customers on providing some type of replacement at fair market value. Customers who purchased any of the Riverworks Customs/Badger Tenkara COOP rods can purchase individual replacement sections directly from Badger (badgertenkara.com). Butt Section breaks on any of these rods will again, be dealt with case by case, and in the event that a butt section can no longer be replaced, a suitable substitute will be arranged at fair market value. 

*Customers that have had custom grips installed onto factory rods by Riverworks Customs are responsible for replacing all sections at their own expense, and no warranty or guarantee covers any custom grip either manufactured or installed by Riverworks Customs. 

*We will not issue a refund on any Custom Tenkara Rod simply based on the fact that the customer buys the rod and doesn't like it after the sale is complete. We will use a direct quote from a customer who strong armed us with what we would call questionable tactics last year. "I received the rod and it simply isn't for me". "Construction and workmanship is perfect, I just don't care for the style". This example does not constitute a warranty issue, and we will not issue a refund based on this criteria. 


Warranty work for custom fly rods depends on the blank used on the build. Most of the blanks we build on carry unconditional lifetime guarantees on the blank itself. The exception to this is for customers who had custom fly rods built on the FT Stealth Blank (G2) which is discussed in our G2 Section. When receiving a rod built with the lifetime guarantee on the blank, the customer only pays a service fee on the section rebuild ($25) + the cost of the original components used in the build + return shipping to the customer. This is usually less than $50 unless the break is on the butt section of the rod. In this case, the cost will be more due to the fact that the grip must be rebuilt, reel seat removed and reinstalled, and any custom graphics replaced. This is determined on a case by case basis and is determined by the original price quoted for the aforementioned components. For blanks without the unconditional lifetime guarantee (most premium rod blanks), the customer pays a $25 service fee, the cost of the replacement section, the cost of the original components used in the build. Again, butt section replacement will cost more for the above stated reasons. All these considerations will be discussed prior to us building the rod for you in email communications leading up to your payment for the rod build. Some of our concept fly rods are built on discontinued blanks and no replacement service is included in the pricing. Repairs can still be made for a $49 charge for the tip section (2PC rods), or Tip, and Section 2 and 3 (4PC Rods). Butt Section repairs will be charged more and determined on a case by case basis. Specialty  Fly Rods (1PC, Spey, Switch) will have prearranged repair or replacement considerations outlined in the Pre-Build quote and will be agreed upon before we take on the project. 

Service Fees include shipping cost to us, and return shipping to the customer, and again, we offer this as a NON PROFIT service for all our customers who have us build their custom rods. 

As a final note, if you receive a custom rod from us, and simply do not like the way it turned out, or if you buy one of our concept rods and simply do not like it, we will absolutely NOT issue a refund. We work very hard to provide tremendous detail to our customers, and offer 100% transparency in both our descriptions and the photos of our rods. As a small operation that typically runs on a shoestring budget, we simply cannot issue refunds because a customer buys a rod and wants a refund just because they get it and don't like it. These issues are a killer for a small company like us. This is another reason we must charge the full sales price for custom and concept rods up front. We have had several customers abuse our good nature over the past 5 years, and we want to make it very clear in our warranty policy that no rod is covered simply on the fact that the customer doesn't like the style of a particular rod they purchase from us.. PERIOD.. 


If any of the rod tubes (aluminum, carbon fiber, etc.) we provide for any of our rods fail due to negligence in manufacturing, they will unconditionally be replaced at no cost to the customer. This includes shipping cost to have a faulty tube returned to our shop. Failures in rod tubes are almost unheard of, and the only failure we can think of is any of the hardware failing under normal use. If you cross thread and force the cap on, that is customer error, if you crush the tube by running over it with a dump truck, that is customer error. IF the rod tube is damaged during shipping transit, either domestically or internationally, we will work with you on a freight claim filing with the shipping provider. We stand by our products 100%, and this includes external adornments such as rod tubes and rod socks. 


We will be adding several new products during the course of the 2019 calendar year. As we add new products to our line, we will update this document to include them in our warranty program. 

We are here for you and we want you to be absolutely satisfied with every aspect of your buying experience here at Riverworks. 

If you have a warranty question or concern that you feel was not covered in this document please send us an email. 

Contact us at info@riverworksflyrods.com or jeff@riverworkscompany.com.. 

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