Classic MONSTER 395 (Original Design)

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Finally, a high end rod designed to do battle with big fish in the most demanding conditions. The RRC MONSTER 395 is a rod designed to be casted with 2 hands, and can easily load up PVC lines in lengths only limited to an anglers skill level. The MONSTER can cast large flies and put serious leverage on big fish. At 395CM (13') and coming in at a whopping 6.45 OZ (without the nose cap), this is a formidable rod. With that said, when using a 2 handed casting style, it is very easy to cast, and can punch through the wind and land a streamer in surprisingly small windows. It has a very fast action for a fixed line rod and if we were using the standard Japanese Flex Rating for this rod it would hover in the 8:2 range. The carbon fiber grip we use is different from our other rods in the fact that this grip is built using a extrusion process. On our mandrel, we outsource the manufacturing of this grip to a company that uses a million dollar extruder to "pull/press" the grip under heat. We then mount the grip to the monster blank by placing foam cores in the front and back leaving the middle 9" of the grip hollow to help reduce weight. The MONSTER 395 is a very high tech piece of engineering for the big fish, big fly junkies that require a serious rod for doing battle with serious fish. Originally designed for a group of Steelheaders in upstate NY, the Monster 395 can be used in a variety of applications that a require a serious piece of gear to get the job done. 

As with the other rods in our lineup, the MONSTER 395 exudes a keen sense of style with anodized orange hardware and exquisite metallic orange threadwork. 

The MONSTER 395 is available as a special order item and all rods are usually delivered within 30-45 days from your initial order.