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Over the last 4 years we have had a lot of requests from customers to replace the grips on their rods with a Riverworks Custom Carbon Fiber Grip. Since 2014, we have done dozens of conversions, the majority of which are ONI rods. Rob Worthing pioneered this endeavor with his conversion of the Oni Type 3. The biggest question is what is the benefit? We have always preached about the enhanced sensitivity that can only be achieved with a carbon fiber grip, in particularly how it relates to nymphing. But why would you do this to an ONI rod, which are clearly not, by any stretch of the imagination, what one comes to associate with Tactical Nymphing. For my ONI rod, the first difference I noticed between the EVA foam handled Oni Type 3, and a converted Carbon Fiber Grip Oni Type 3 was the unbelievable difference in casting feel. I felt a huge difference in my connection to that fantastic ONI blank. For me, this is a crucial factor in delivering flies on longer, lighter lines using ONI style casting fundamentals. 

We have several of our customers experience with a ONI CONVERT to be added in the coming days.. 


We have a longstanding tradition in working with these world class rods and this service is provided exclusively for all the ONI RODS in the lineup except the ONI's with wood grips. 

This purchase is for an ONI custom carbon fiber conversion and depending on our workload, this can take up to 60 days to complete. 

Price does not include initial shipping of the rod to our shop to begin the process, or insured return shipping once the conversion is completed. 

What it does include---

1. Complete removal of EVA or Cork grip on the rod

2. Construction of a new CUSTOM Carbon Fiber Grip especially for your ONI model (Special requests for sizing and length are discussed prior this step in the process)

3. The original ONI butt cap and insert are used in the new grip installation, but the Winding Check will need to be replaced. We have several options and colors that can be used (Again, this is discussed prior to starting your project)

4. The original epoxy on the threadwork of the original rod must be stripped off prior to the new grip installation. We provide new threadwork and overcoat the original epoxy footprint and the CONVERT logo with new premium epoxy. We can also touch up epoxy on the vulnerable area at the top of the butt section (where the nose cap is) 

5. Any additional graphics or finish is an extra fee and is discussed prior to your project start 

If you have any additional questions please email

Jeff at riverworksrodco@gmail.com

or Rob at rob@tenkaraguides.com

If you are one of the hundreds of folks who own one of the phenomenal ONI rods and you think you might benefit from an ONI Carbon Fiber Grip Conversion, we would love to make this happen for you.