Riverworks Rod Company ZX Micro (PRE-SALE)

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After 4 years of testing, tweaking, and refining, I finally have everything I wanted for my ultimate small stream fixed line fly rod. Introducing the Riverworks Rod Company ZX Micro. A rod designed for the pursuit of wild trout in small mountain streams. During the design process, I sought out a rod that would be tough enough to handle the rigors of backcountry fishing, a compact footprint for easy transport, perfect balance for a light in the hand feel, and with a smooth flex profile for maximizing the pleasure of catching wild fish in the 5-10" range. I tested various blank lengths, grip materials, and hardware packages, and in the end we are quite pleased with the final product. Although the ZX Micro may appear identical to our ZX3, it is designed for a completely different purpose and behaves quite differently on the water. -- The ZX Micro is a small stream rod that excels at casting light level lines with small flies for native and wild fish. The rod is outfitted with the signature Riverworks carbon fiber grip and styling. 

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a PRE-SALE Price for this rod and is good until October 19, 2019..