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After 4 years of development and testing dozens of prototypes, Rob and I finally have what we both believe is the ultimate rod for fishing with weighted nymphs using the Tactical Nymphing ideology. The ZX4-PRO 395CM (13') was meant to emulate all the positive aspects of the ZX3 360CM (12') rod with several meaningful improvements. 


Longer Reach

At a full 35cm (approximately 13") longer than its predecessor the ZX3, the ZX4-PRO allows for longer, continuous drifts in the strike zone. This added length also allows for more precise casts at greater distance with longer line setups. For Rob, this length of a blank represents the "sweet spot" in achieving all his goals for the perfect, high performance Tactical Nymphing rod. 

Added Leverage

Whenever you add length to a blank, and you are able to maintain the same power balance (overall blank strength) as the ZX3, you are able to put more heat on fighting fish. Increasing blank length allows for additional stress to be distributed to the power curve of a blank. This was the toughest challenge in the design process, because as we wanted more length and thus more leverage, we wanted the blank to maintain a similar flex index to the ZX3. We have achieved this with the ZX4-PRO. 

Lighter Overall Weight

Early on in the design process for the ZX4-PRO, one thing we didn't want to do was to add a bunch of weight to the new rod with the additional length. We are happy to report that not only is the ZX4 extremely light, but by reducing the amount of finish on the blank, it is even lighter than the ZX3. Coming in at 3.30 ounces, the ZX4 is a full .35 oz lighter than the ZX3 360CM rod. It is a huge bonus for us as rod designers, and it speaks volumes about how blank technology has improved over the 4 years since we first starting toying with the idea of building this rod. 


If you are serious about Tactical Nymphing, and you want the best available rod to maximize your time on the water, the ZX4-PRO is your rod. If you are already using weighted nymphs with a Tenkara Rod, or another rod that is not designed solely for that purpose, you will notice an incredible difference with a rod that was designed strictly to excel at fishing with weighted nymphs. For most of our customers, this is such a noticeable difference they will not fish with bead head nymphs unless they are using a rod built especially for Tactical Nymphing. 

We use the term PRO in the title for the ZX4 because this is not a beginner's rod. It is however a rod that a beginner can grow into as his/her skills improve. Will the ZX4 PRO turn you into a "professional nymph fisherman" -- no. But it can transform the way you are able to present and cast weighted nymphs, and it will improve your ability to fight large fish in the most challenging conditions. 

Rob and I both wholeheartedly agree that there is not a better option on the market for fishing with weighted nymphs. The ZX-4 PRO 395 is the ultimate high performance rod for Tactical Nymphing. Period.  


All our rods come with the classic ZX, handmade carbon fiber grip (manufactured in the RRC shop in Signal Mountain, TN), Aluminum Cast, Black Anodized Hardware (made and finished in the USA), A black Neoprene Rod Sock, and a high quality plastic shipping tube. 

Rod Blanks are Manufactured and engineered by Tanuki (Luong Tam)

Blanks designed and tested by Riverworks Rod Co.



LENGTH          395CM (13')

WEIGHT          3.30 OZ (94 Grams)

MATERIAL      Japanese Toray 40T Carbon Fiber Cloth with nano resin system

GRIP                American 4K Biaxial Carbon Fiber Sleeve with WestMarine Epoxy              

                          Poly/Carbon (7lb density) Core.  

ACTION         Fast Action Butt Section, Medium-Fast Mid-Section and Tip


Note: Due to the fact that all our rods are made to order, standard orders can take up to 30 days to complete.