The last of the boutique fly rod builders..

Small scale fly rod manufacturing operations are on the brink of extinction.  The modern era fly fishing market is dominated by mass produced, imported, cost driven fly rods. The simple truth is, there are precious few of the small scale American production rod building outfits left. But all hope is not lost, there are still a few places where meticulous detail and old school manufacturing processes still exist, and a few of these shops are still on American soil. Riverworks is one of these special places where specialized fly rods are handcrafted one at time to perfection. We build fly rods for specialty applications and hardcore fly fishers who demand the finest materials, flawless workmanship, and individual attention that has been lost in the modern fly fishing industry.  If you want to do business with a company where you can have a conversation with the person who builds your fly rod from start to finish, you have landed in the right place. Welcome to Riverworks Rod Company- a little fly rod shop dedicated to satisfying your fly fishing addiction. 

Jeff Lomino- Founder/Fabricator/Lead Designer

Up your Tactical Nymphing game

A brand new, immersive website dedicated to helping you find success using the Tactical Nymphing method. Articles, Videos, and even information on attending a Tactical Nymphing School at several locations throughout the south..

Taking things to the next level.. Coming in August of 2020

I spent over 20 years dreaming of all the things I wanted in my version of the perfect fly rod. 5 years ago, I got really serious about bringing my perfect fly rods to life.. We are happy to announce that the new Generation 3 Riverworks Fly Rods are nearing a launch. Every aspect of our new generation of high performance fly rods has been upgraded. The new blanks are quite possibly the best on the planet for serious fly fishers looking for an exceptional level of performance in an ultralight, fast action rod. We believe these blanks are the finest on the market. We are introducing 2 totally new product lines in 2020, in addition to our Gen 3 Stealth Fly Rods. 

The new Stealth Freestone Series will be available in 4 configurations. An 8'6" 1WT, a 8'6" 2WT, and a 8'6" 3WT, and a 9' 4WT. These rods are built on the more moderate action CTS Affinity M blank with an exceptional action beautifully suited to presenting dry flies and are built specifically for targeting trout and char. All of these new fly rods are 4PC and feature the indestructible Riverworks handmade carbon fiber grip. The Stealth Freestone Rods will be priced at $599 for all 4 models.

Our G3 Stealth Fly Rods are giant leap forward for us in terms of what we wanted in the ultimate high performance fly rod package. The new blanks, produced for us by CTS in New Zealand are simply an engineering marvel. The new G3 blanks are unbelievably light, very fast, and sport the kind of build quality you can only get in a blank built in a small, high tech shop by highly skilled craftsman. These rods are built to tame the wind, break the will of the strongest gamefish, and excel in the most demanding fly fishing conditions on the planet. The G3 Stealth will be available in a 9 Foot 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 12 WT and a very special 10' 7WT. All rods are 4PC and finished in a stealthy Space Grey finish. The G3 Stealth Rods will be priced at $625 for the 5-9WT and $675 for the 10 and 12WT. We will also be including two ESOX Specific G3 Stealth Models in a 10 and 12WT version priced at $650.

Also this year, we are super excited to launch a very exciting lineup of ESN (European Style Nymphing) specific fly rods. The all new Stealth Tact-X ESN rods are built on an exceptional low ferrule, fast action blank designed specifically for Euro style nymphing. These are the same blanks used by some of the most successful European Competition Anglers. The blanks have never been available in the US as a production rod until now. Combine these cutting edge blanks with the most sensitive carbon fiber grip on earth and we believe we have something truly special with these new ESN rods. The Stealth Tact-X ESN series will be available in a 10'6" 1WT, a 10' and 11' 2WT, and a 10' and 11' 3WT. All rods will come standard with a special downlocking reel seat, a 1" carbon fiber fighting butt (installed on the reel seat), and premium REC RECOIL single foot guides. All of these new models are 4PC rods and will come finished in a "no flash" Satin Space Grey finish. The Stealth Tact-X ESN rods will be priced at $650. 

In addition to the above rod groups, we are still developing the new Stealth GUIDE SERIES 1PC Rods, which will be available in both a 10 and 12WT version. Designed with the professional in mind, these rods will be exceptional high performance rods built primarily for Tarpon Fishing, but the applications can extend beyond that to any large gamefish where the super high performance capabilities of a 1PC rod supersede portability. 


What folks in the Riverworks family have to say

I searched for years to find a great rod that could cheat the wind, launch big flies, and tame big tarpon, I thought I had found my perfect rod with the 10WT G2 Stealth. After being on the testing team for the NEW G3 Stealth, I realize I was wrong. Can't wait to own the entire arsenal of G3 Stealths. 

Mike C. - Big Pine Key, FL

I own a handful of great all around fixed line rods, the ZX3 360 isn't one of them. The ZX3 360 is the finest rod ever conceived for fishing with weighted nymphs using the Tactical Nymphing method. It is a specialized rod for a specialized purpose and it delivers like no other rod can. 

Rob W.- Lexington, KY