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Behemoth 395 (BLACKOUT Edition)

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The Behemoth 395 was the original concept for our Monster rod lineup in a split grip configuration. The Behemoth 395 is a rod designed exclusively to maximize the capabilities of casting heavier lines and flies using a 2 handed, "spey style" cast. This rod was designed especially for Great Lakes Steelhead and Salmon, but the applications are versatile enough to handle multiple applications where a heavy duty rod is needed to cast heavier nymphs and streamers on tippets up to 3X. The balance of the Behemoth 395 differs from the Monster 395 due to the fact that we have incorporated a heavier butt cap and insert on the rear of the butt section to eliminate some of the tip heavy feel inherent to these big fish, big water rods. The rod will also allow for easy fly manipulation using the rear grip one handed as the front grip is very light and the unique grip weight distribution is a different animal than the Monster 395. If we could conceivably use the word "finesse" in any way to describe either the Monster 395 or the Behemoth 395, the Behemoth design will definitely allow users to incorporate more traditional fixed line presentations with some level of finesse. The Behemoth grip design also creates a slightly different action for our 395CM (13') heavy duty blank as the grip is split into 2 sections allowing for a slightly "slower" action than our Monster grip concept. The blank is still very fast, hovering in the 8:2 action on the traditional scale, but it gives hardcore, big fish, big fly, big water anglers a different option in this category of rods. Although both the Monster 395 and the Behemoth 395 rods use the same 395CM (13') rod blank, the action of each rod is slightly different and expands the applications of this highly versatile, heavy duty rod blank. 

Key Differences between the Behemoth 395 and the Monster 395

-Behemoth 395 has a slightly slower action due to the split grip configuration

-Behemoth 395 is set up to cast best in a 2 handed "spey style" motion, Monster excels in both single handed and two handed casting motions

-Behemoth 395 has a longer overall grip profile (19" for the Behemoth, 16" for the Monster)

-Behemoth 395 is heavier than the Monster 395 (6.65 oz for the Behemoth, 6.4 oz for the Monster) with the additional overall weight of the Behemoth grip system directed toward the butt of the rod

-Obvious styling differences, "Blackout" Tactical styling on the Behemoth, a more artistic styling element on the Monster and Monster Limited Rods

-Heavy duty Anodized Gloss Black Butt Cap with Textured Rubber Bulb Style Cap for the Behemoth, Traditional Anodized Orange Butt Cap for the Monster Rods. 

Behemoth 395 SPECS

Length- 395CM or 13'

Weight- 6.65 oz (188.52 grams) w/o Nose Cap

Overall Grip Profile- 19" (See Photos for the split grip dimensions)

Due to limited remaining stock for our 395cm HD blanks, the Behemoth 395 is strictly limited to 16 units. After these 16 rods are sold we will no longer be able to offer the rod, but will support a replacement section program for 2 years after we discontinue production. 

All Behemoth 395 Rods come with the RRC neoprene rod sock (while supplies last)