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We have updated our Steelheader Type 1 to the new and improved Steelheader 395 Type 2. Updates include a new more durable composite cork for our hybrid spilt grips, more robust winding checks, updated graphics, and a more contoured, ergonomically friendly grip shape. Although the new version of the Steelheader is somewhat heavier, we believe the added weight in the butt section of the rod have improved the overall balance, and give the new version a lighter "feel in hand". We strive to continuously improve our rod models, and we think these improvements will provide a better overall experience to those of you who target big fish in big water with big flies...

As the name implies, this rod is designed for Steelheading with a fixed line rod. With tremendous lifting power and the ability to steer large fish in heavy current, the Steelheader is a rod that can go toe to toe with monsters. 

Although Steelhead are the inspiration for this design, the Steelheader Type 2 can do battle with any number of large fish- be it trophy trout, bass, carp, jungle monsters, or any other large predator in fresh or saltwater. 

This is our first production model Monster Series rod to be built on a SPLIT Cork/EVA hybrid grip. We use exceptional "cactus pattern" composite cork rings and the most dense EVA on the planet for the construction of these grips. This rod configuration has taken years to perfect, and after dozens of prototypes, this is our perfect setup. 

Where the Steelheader Shines

Two Handed Roll Casting

The ability to effectively roll cast allows you to effectively cover more water. Thanks to the split grip design of the Steelheader, you can utilize a two handed roll cast with ease from numerous positions on the water. One of the greatest difficulties an angler faces on the river is the ability to make a great cast with no room for an effective back cast. This is difficult to do with a single handed fixed line rod (remember, I said difficult, not impossible). The split grip design of the Steelheader and our Behemoth rods were bred for two handed roll casting. It is the ONLY reason to produce a split grip rod. 

Line Pickup

Picking up a bunch of line with heavier than usual things attached to the end is a real challenge for your average Honryu rod. This is another area where the Steelheader shines. Picking up longer (16'+) line setups is a breeze with the fast action Steelheader. This is a real benefit to those anglers who are working larger streamers, heavy duty nymphing rigs, and big dry dropper rigs on big water. The Steelheader is built on the fast action Monster blank and its ability to lift line quickly has been one of the greatest attributes for our customers. Combine the ability to lift line utilizing two hands and then quickly placing the next cast is key to maximizing good position on the river and effective presentation of the goods.  

Maximum Lift

A word we often hear from our customers who have purchased a rod built on the Monster blank is LIFT. This can be associated with line pickup, but more commonly, it is associated with landing large fish. The Monster blank used for our Steelheader model is designed with extreme backbone and the ability to subdue big fish in extreme current. Places beyond our comfort zone sometimes, but the ability to lift and place leverage on big fish is money time for the Steelheader. When utilized properly, the Steelheader will put the brakes on Monsters and is a great confidence tool when we work hard to bag the fish of a lifetime. 

Rod Details and Specs

This is our first production rod to be built without a carbon fiber or composite grip since 2015, and we are going to make this one count. These rods are hand built by Jeff in our small production shop in Tennessee. The grips are assembled and shaped one at a time with extreme attention to detail. Our hardware is cast and machined in the US to very strict quality control. 


Our Monster Series 13' (395cm) 8:2 Action Heavy Duty Blank in a Matte Black Finish


"Cactus Pattern" Composite Cork Rings (no 2 rings are the same), and high density black EVA foam, hand lathed to perfection


Top quality gloss black winding checks, and our exclusive HD Butt Cap with shaped rubber end


Nested Length: 23.5"

Number of Sections: 9 (Tip Section features a swivel ring lillian attachment) 

Rod Weight: 6.05 oz  

Recommended Max Tippet Rating: 3X 

Due to the fact that these rods are made to order, it can take up to 30 days to complete your rod. 

Other Recommendations from the experts: 

The Monster blank casts PVC lines very well and is Jeff's line of choice for most of the fishing he does with rods built on the Monster blank. For heavy nymphs (Sz 6-10) and dry dropper rigs, a FC level line in 4-4.5 with a 0X indicator has been a killer rig with the Steelheader.