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The baby brother to the original Steelheader design, the Steelheader Mini-Mag is a concept that we have been tinkering with since we imported our first 395CM Monster Blanks. 

We wanted a big fly, big fish rod in a shorter and lighter configuration for those times when we weren't needing to do a lot of two handed (spey style) casting, and also when we would be using some heavier nymphing rigs. The MINI-MAG still easily casts streamers, but has the versatility to cast a more varied range of flies than our traditional 395CM Monster blank. 

Still a very fast, 8:2 action rod, the MINI-MAG has tremendous lifting power to easily put the brakes on big fish in fast water. 

Additional specs and details to follow. 

This is PRE-SALE pricing, and includes the first 7 units of this new model. 

*Rods are scheduled to be completed by the end of April 2024*

Length-  360CM (12')

Weight- 4.15 oz (Carbon Fiber Grip)  4.85 oz (Composite Cork/EVA Grip)

Action: 8:2 FAST

Maximum Tippet Rating:  4X